Dunlop Tyres


Take the Fast Track to New Tyres

Take the road by storm with Dunlop SP Sport tires. With options to handle many driving conditions, our ultra high-performance, sleek Sport tires maximize your ride.

General Tire Tyres

General TirePassenger

High performance all-season tire designed with quad-tech smart tire technology for exceptional tread life, low noise and superior ride comfort.

Michelin Tyres


For upmarket mid-sized and luxury vehicles.

Outstanding braking performance in both wet and dry conditions. Excellent resistance to aquaplaning. Precise handling and unbeatable driving stability.

Yokohama Tyres


Environment Friendly and Fuel Efficient

The Bridgestone Potenza RE050 tires come as original equipment on many high performance vehicles.

Hankook Tyres

Hankook OptimoPassenger

The OPTIMO is specifically designed for today's luxury sedans. Featuring CCT (Carbon Compounding Technology) and FSO (Footprint Shape Optimization) affords the driver a quiet, comfortable ride along with uniform wear and long life.

Cooper Tyres

Cooper Zeon4XS Sport

For increased handling and stability, these specially designed micro-gauge sipes work by interlocking together to provide stability to the tread elements as they turn over the road surface.

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