Passenger & SUV


Professional Fitment

We stock quality Tyres from a variety of manufacturers, ensuring you get the best we have to offer keeping you safe on the road.

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Latest Ranges

Come and view our wheel gallery, and treat your ride to a new pair of stylish alloy wheels.

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Bumpy Ride?

It is time to have us fit new shocks for you. Shock Absorbers needs to be replaced when they are worn to ensure safety.

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15 Years Quality Service


Building customer relationships for over 14 years, Aero City Tyres has become a trusted service provider in the tyre industry.
Our continual concern for customer satisfaction allows more customers to remain confident when choosing us for all of their tyre and wheel needs.


Aero City Tyres has a vision that not only lives but thrives in the hearts of its employees each and every day. From part-time to full-time employees at the company, regional or corporate level our employees work to be the best in the business.

One common thread running through the hearts of everyone within the company remains the same - treat customers and fellow employees with respect and fairness. Care for those in need, always do what is right, work hard, be responsible.

The employees of Aero City Tyres represent our philosophy and its brand by remaining knowledgeable, friendly and honest. By offering the highest level of customer service, more product choices and the lowest prices, they have earned the right to be considered trusted experts.